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"Author: David Pickett"

David Pickett is a serial inventor and subject matter expert author of science possible books, through decades of creative leadership in innovation-driven high-tech companies in leading edge technologies.

David knows the physics possible down to the quantum level where many of his many patents began.

The first three books display the mystery of science possible with fresh, fast-moving action-adventure stories that never falter in the correct physics possible and interesting characters who he has known for years.

LINCOLN’S ENCORE: An Appointment with the Future

Seconds before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln was snatched from his box at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC. for an appointment with the future. 

The year was 1865 as the nation struggles to recover from internal division and the disaster of civil war. Through an accidental breakthrough by two tinkerers, he emerges in the year 2029, when American again stands at the precipice of international conflict and dangerous internal struggles. Who brought him into the present and how?

More importantly, why?  Can his years as a wartime president as well as his innate wisdom and powerful words heal division and guarantee that the government of, by and for the people will remain on earth? 

Only time will tell.


A tail revealing the highest conspiracies and deepest secrets in the unseen power of government contractors and ‘dark’ agencies.

Being relentlessly hunted through the residential streets of DC by AI drones, Charlie Robertson runs for his life, playing hide and seek with death from above after he escapes from the lab where he and his team have discovered a deep cover-up that has eluded the entire government from Senate committees to the Security Council, even high-level security at ultra-secret Broome Lake.

Charlie and his team of special ops mercenaries boldly go right to the secret base to try to expose that the Lab Director, with the aid of the government’s fleet of AI supercomputers, is planning to coerce an immensely dangerous game to give him unlimited power.  

Follow Charlie and his elite team through the tunnels in a mind-blowingfirefight with elite military security forces that ends with one of the most sought-after secrets of the century.

REWIND:  …am I committing suicide or being reborn?” 

Charlie Robertson makes a bold decision in a one in a million-survival chance to change global history that results in a fight to free North Korea and its nuclear threat and fleeing from high level and international threats to him and his family.  Try to keep up with Charlie and his ‘Uncle’ Dwight Eisenhower as they plunge into flights of fantasy and unimaginable futures…


After returning Abraham Lincoln to his seat in Ford’s Theater milliseconds before Booth fires the pistol, Will Burleson’s Portal crew flee a hit team sent by the President and arrives 5 years late at a new secret location.

The team struggles around the clock to rescue astronauts it placed on Sol’s planets and moons with heartbreaking results, and they mount a rescue for two friends left in 1865 where over 5 years have now passed.

The team’s portal slips into 1804 in an attempt to make scholarly observation of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and they get more than they bargained for.

 In returning to DC with Lewis to report to President Jefferson, Will and his team fall into the turmoil of a young country with lies, deception, manipulation, and intrigue; and too many murders and close calls that did not get passed on to today’s conventional history.


  After years of effort, Carl Raines finally dials in the correct physics that opens a small portal into the next day by folding space using the legendary enigmatic Alcubierre Drive.  After two years of playing tomorrow’s stock market today Will Burleson uses his new millions to finance a larger Portal that takes them anywhere in the universe at any time.

  Acting on Carl’s lifelong fascination with President Lincoln, the Portal Team grabs and brings him to 2030 where he sets off political turmoil and the near nuclear destruction of NASA and JPL.

  Will’s daughter Natalee convinces the Portal Team to drop her parallel to the Lewis and Clark Expedition and they end up bringing President Jefferson to 2038 where he deposes the corrupt, treasonous sitting President to bring the country back to the Constitution.

  Travel with Will where his fascination with Valley Forge takes the Team there in late 1777 where they become involved in saving the infant nation and Mount Vernon curator Professor Selah Aris eventually convinces President George Washington to visit 2040, which sets off an unexpected chain of national disturbances and international calamities, changing history forever.

David holds the US patent

for the first smart ‘chip’ on your bank card in your wallet. He developed and holds the IceCOLD® intellectual property, receiving the Pentagon medal one of the 10 Best inventions of the year.

As founder of many technology companies, he is managing partner of Joshua R&D Technologies, where he developed and patented all the intellectual property, patents and patents pending seen at… 


He served as Vice President of noted public companies PC Service Source (NASDAQ PCSS) CYCLIX Division, CERPLEX (NASDAQ), Amstar/EFT DataLINK, and founded Flextronic’s digital manufacturing operation ($6.75 billion – NASDAQ FLEX) for Michael Marks and Mike McNamara. With over 35 years in leading edge technologies, his senior level experience encompasses the fields of applied physics and chemistry, telecommunications, computers, medical and consumer digital electronics, with both hardware and software development.

David learned his passion to write at Murrah High School under Ms. Breland, Mrs. Russel and Mr. Mays; he studied at Georgia Tech and graduated University of Texas at Arlington where he also interned as Physics Instructor. He is a Presbyterian Ordained Elder and is active on two Ministry Boards (Cuba, Mexico, and Peru), and his church’s two homeless ministries. Mr. Pickett is actively involved in missions work around the world.

David has been married to Ginger for 51 years, and his daughters and three grandchildren live north of Denver; David enjoys developing innovative useful technologies, missions work, writing, movies, speaking, hanging with his family and grandkids in their townhome in the Rockies, snorkeling, his Porsche and 1955 Oldsmobile.